June 19, 2014

The Lift team proudly announces the availability of Milestone 4 of Lift version 2.6.

Lift is the most powerful, secure and mature web framework available today. There are Seven Things that distinguish Lift from other web frameworks.

Lift applications are:

  • Secure -- Lift apps are resistant to common vulnerabilities including many of the OWASP Top 10
  • Developer centric -- Lift apps are fast to build, concise and easy to maintain
  • Scalable -- Lift apps are high performance and scale in the real world to handle insane traffic levels
  • Interactive like a desktop app -- Lift's Comet support is unparalleled and Lift's ajax support is super-easy and very secure
  • Modular -- Lift apps can benefit from, easy to integrate, pre built modules
  • Designer friendly -- Lift apps can be developed in a totally designer friendly way

Read an overview of how Lift achieves these important goals.

Lift open source software licensed under an Apache 2.0 license.

Notable Changes

  • 2.10 versions of Lift are now built for Scala 2.10.4.
  • We are now publishing Lift builds for 2.11, built with Scala 2.11.1.
  • MongoRecord.save now has a default true value for its safe parameter.
  • Add saveBox, updateBox, and deleteBox_! methods to MongoRecord that catch exceptions and return a Box.
  • Moved MongoIdentifier to use a common ConnectionIdentifier shared with other record types.
  • Added RecordRules.fieldName, a FactoryMaker that lets you modify a field's corresponding database name based on the database connection and the field's variable name. (#1505).
  • Added RecordRules.displayName, a FactoryMaker that lets you modify a field's display name (the name rendered in the UI) based on the record instance being handled, the current locale, and the default display name.
  • Added MongoRules.collectionName, an Inject that lets you modify the name of a MongoRecord class's collection based on the connection and the class name.
  • Fix MongoListField's setFromJValue to properly handle special mongo data types.
  • Add AsObjectId extractor for pattern matching ObjectId Strings.
  • Add AsMongoRecord extractor for pattern matching a Mongo Record instance based on an incoming String id.
  • Add JsonObjectId, JsonRegex, JsonUUID, JsonDate, and JsonDateTime extractors for lift-mongodb-formatted JValues.
  • Added a withFilter method to suppress warnings when using the BaseResponse class in Lift tests (see #1253).
  • Wrap mail parts in multipart/related MIME part in emails (see #1569).
  • CometActor now handles ResponseShortcutExceptions with redirect responses by sending an appropriate RedirectTo command to the client. This means that e.g. S.redirectTo will work as expected in a CometActor. Note that this is implemented in the default exceptionHandler of CometActor, so if you've overridden it you'll need to make sure that the default handler is something you eventually invoke.
  • Added the ability to get a forced version of a request body as JSON or XML, regardless of whether the specified Content-Type of the request was correct. These are Req.forcedBodyAsJson and Req.forcedBodyAsXml, respectively.
  • Return a Failure with descriptive error message if bodyAsJson or bodyAsXml are invoked and we don't return the relevant JSON or XML due to an incorrect Content-Type in the request.
  • Added a short note on StackableMaker's doWith (used by FactoryMaker, amongst other things) regarding the fact that its changes to its maker's value are thread-local.


  • JSONParser, Lift's legacy JSON parser, along with its dependents:
    • MetaRecord.setFieldsFromJSON
    • MetaRecord.fromJSON
    • CometActor's handleJson, jsonCall, and jsonInCode
    • S.buildJsonFunc
    • S.jsonFmapFunc with Any=>JsCmd
    • JsonHandler
    • SHtml.fjsonCall
    • SHtml.jsonButton with Any=>JsCmd
    • SHtml.jsonForm
  • Mapper and MetaMapper's snippet bindings that use PartialFunctions:
    • addSnippet, editSnippet, viewSnippet (in favor of addFormSnippet, editFormSnippet, and viewTransform, all based on CSS selector transforms)
    • modSnippet, used in addSnippet and editSnippet, superseded by formSnippet.
    • add, edit, and view snippets in HTML, in favor of addForm, editForm, and viewTransform
    • fieldMapperPF, in favor of fieldMapperTransforms
    • fieldPF, appendField, and prependField, in favor of fieldTransforms, appendFieldTransform, and prependFieldTransform.
  • MongoAddress, MongoHostBase, MongoHost, MongoSet and all functions that take them as parameters. Please use the Mongo Java driver's MongoClient instead.
  • MongoRecord.save with no parameters. Please use the version with one parameter, and invoke it with empty parens (save()) if you want a safe save. The default for save with no parameters was an unsafe save, which can be achieved using save(false).
  • MongoMeta.ensureIndex; use MongoMeta.createIndex instead.
  • ListenerManager.updateListeners(Any); use ListenerManager.sendListenersMesage(Any) instead.

Please join the Lift Community and enjoy building awesome apps with Lift.

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